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"The Wisdom Circle for Thinkers and Researchers" aims at achieving the following goals:
1 - Building a new reflection space where the three human values: Rationality, Dialogue and Morality reign.
2- Promoting the thinking practice from the individual to the collective work level.
3- Contributing to the shaping of the distinguished position of the thinking practice in the framework of the cultural manifestations held in the Arabic, Islamic and International areas.
4- Debating the different intellectual challenges, both current and future ones, on the basis of the academic perspective and scientific analysis criteria, in order to bring out their dimensions, to evaluate their consequences and to propose the ways to deal with.
5- Promoting and sustaining the quality of thinking practice via updating its performance as well as sustaining critical thinking within the framework of our civilization foundations.
6- Contributing to the promotion of distinguished traditional and modem Islamic Thought all over the world.
7- Bringing out the aspects of the intellectual performance in the Arab-Islamic patrimony with ultimate goal of investing them to build an intellectual personality equipped enough to respond to the principles of communication as well as the interaction between nations and ideologies.
8- Sticking to - in practicing thinking - the pillars of our identity which are essentially based on Islamic values and Arabic Language.
9-The commitment of the Association to the principle of the entire independence in carrying out its various intellectual


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